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You will laugh all day long: hilarious Disney animatronics fails!

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‘All things Disney’ is a popular phenomenon today. However, since nothing is perfect, even Disney fails once in a while. The happy robots at those popular theme parks make both children and adults laugh, but hilarious animatronics malfunctions can be found there. And Nexter presents this video to show some of those situations that actually did entertain the children and their parents, though those incidents were not funny for every visitor. Some people found them disappointed, or even scary.

For example, Disney viewers have been disturbed by the unexpected headless singing Ursula. This scenario attributed an unexpected scare when the head of this famous witch of the sea fell off, but still kept singing.

Videos and photos stipulating that Disney character recorded at Sunday Park and displayed to viewers on the media showed the villain from The Little Mermaid singing with a dangling head. It was one of the scariest Disney animatronics fails that children did not imagine, but saw live.

Also, the Mr. Potato Head figuring in front of the Toy Story Mania new attraction recorded some considerable issues. Maybe he does not like to hear all the noise made by the crowd in the park. That would explain why this character hilariously drops his ear occasionally.

As for the funny frozen Olaf, another character from the well-known list of Disney movies, its live musical breakdowns are evident. The music unexpectedly just fell through, and did not work during the character’s first Frozen musical demonstration. Disney breakdowns are improvised as it was evident when Olaf says "Nope" and the music fails to start.

It is not part of any of the Disney animated movies, but the animation of a prominent presidential speech left viewers to brainstorm about the nature of the Trump doll. The image of the president of the United States of America has been taken to the Disney World show at Orlando representing the president at Magic Kingdom Park.

The Donald Trump android features the latest advancement in technology that creates effective and lifelike movements. A modern item that kids like a lot. The robot gives a 25-minute speech about the American history. However, the perspective of appearance is what concerns the ridicule and failure of the Disney world in this attraction. It would never appear in the best Disney movies. It is obvious that Disney fell flat at this point, and did not succeed in engaging Clinton’s robot transformed to appear like the real Trump.

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