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Tumbleweeds attack in California 2018: piles of weeds trapped tens of residents in their homes!

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Early this year, the residents of California awoke to a rude shock as the area was “invaded” with tens of thousands of tumbleweeds blown from the desert. The homeowners had never before experienced such a phenomenon as they were used to seeing just a few of the weeds rolling down the streets. California attack was one of its kind. In some compounds, the weed would pile up to about the second story, blocking owners passage into and out of their homes.

The homeowners in Victorville, an area that faces the desert in the North Eastern part of Los Angeles, had to call for help as they were trapped in their houses for hours. The weed pileup affected more than 150 homes in the area. Garages and doorways were completely blocked, and the town’s fire department had to send in hands on deck to help get the weeds out of the way.

Even with the help from the Department of community service, it was an uphill task as it was too windy. Their goal was to load the weeds into garbage trucks and clear the area, but the winds that were blowing at the speed of 60mph did not give them a chance to do it as more weeds kept rolling in from the open desert. Burrtec Waste Industries also sent in crews to work hand in hand with the San Bernardino County fire department in efforts to curb the situation and bring everything back to normal.

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