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The Buckingham palace is ready for Christmas 2017: Coolest Christmas trees!

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It’s almost Christmas, and everyone is ready for the festive season, putting up decorations, Christmas lights and choosing the best Christmas tree. The British royal family is at the Buckingham Palace covered in alluring and fascinating glitz and glamour. The Royals have invited some members of the public to visit them and here is a video from Nexter.org giving a glimpse of how the Palace has significantly raised the bar with their unique embellishments guaranteed to spread the Christmas spirit all over London.

The Palace is decked out in royal style with quality decorations scattered all over it, including twinkly lights and colorful mini crowns giving a Christmas feeling. At the Grand entrance, there are two glowing ten-foot tall Christmas trees, much bigger trees are placed in the mid-Marble Hall. The Norman trees from the great Windsor Park in Linfield are up to fifteen feet tall. All the trees are decorated with white lights and substantial shiny ornaments. The lavish Grand Stair Case is adorned with brightly colored jewelry shiny baubles, flowers and garland cords hanging over the rails.

The Christmas tradition of decorating the palace with Christmas trees started with Queen Charlotte in the late 18th century. Later Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 19th Century popularized it, and Christmas decorations and its tradition have been quite popular ever since in Britain.

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