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New Russian fighter jet MIG 35: How powerful and dangerous is it?

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A new generation of fighter jet race has begun with Russia boasting of the firepower, their military aviation developers managed to pack into the new Russian Mig 35.

Here are some little-known facts about the latest addition to the Russian military arsenal.

1. Developed for the Russian air force, the Mig 35 is a hybrid jet fighter that combines the best aspects of the Mig 29K / KUB fighter and the Mig 29M/M2 from the 1980’s.

2. This military weapon has improved weapons and avionic systems. The jet has an AESA Radar, precision-guided targeting capability, and an optical locator system.

3. Russian news reports that this plane costs $ 40 million.

4. The plane has an impressive flight duration of 1,242 M and clocks in with speeds of 1,615 mph.

5. The jet uses an RD-33 MK engine which gives it 7% more power than the baseline model.

6. It has a length of 55 feet and has a weight load of 7 tons.

7. Capable of stealth mode flight.

8. Considered to be the most advanced 4++ plane in its class.

9. Product development for this version began in 2017 with a target service year of 2018.

With this new plane set to launch from Russia this year, it’s impressive firepower makes a military plane enthusiast wonder what the United States will produce to one-up Russia in the flight race.
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