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Jeff Bezos with dog, robot-beer pong and vest for deaf people: MARS 2018

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If you were curious to see new Amazon dogs at the Amazon’s festival of MARS, but you weren’t able to do it because it was meant by invitation only, you can cheer up now. Nexter is here for to show the images of the most relevant gadgets that the lucky ones that attended that event could watch in person. If you couldn’t go there, now you have the opportunity to watch this video that will be the joy of many geeks.

The festival was held in Palm Springs this year. Jeff Bezos, the famous founder of machine learning, automation, robotics, and space exploration, made an epic entry to the festivities. Of course, it couldn’t be different and everybody was awaiting to see him arrive.

He walked in accompanied, but not by a person or an android. Jeff Bezos robot dog made a grand entrance with his owner. People were surprised and amused at the same time by this Bezos’ companion. It has a name that doesn’t contain any numbers or any long technological words. Beff is the simple name of his newly acquired friend.

The dog is a product of Boston Dynamics. Representatives from this company were present at the festival, and they also gave an explanation on how the world looked like from the eyes of this animal that many people would like to have in their home.
This year, many robots besides the robotic dog were introduced to the world. Some of the machines brought to the festival can do many things like playing classic games such as ping-pong and even beer pong. So if your friends are busy, you can have these machines to play with.

The neuroscientist and innovator David Eagleman was present at the event and he showed his latest development – a special vest that is capable of transforming sound into sensation. The invention was made for the deaf.

This event couldn’t end without a look into space. Scientists from Rocket Lab, who deal with the manufacturing of everything connected with rockets. The participants also had a chance to see the presentation to the world of the Humanity Star disco ball satellite and a rocket engine, which had been 3D printed. A capsule useful for space tourism was also designed and manufactured by Blue Origin, and it was presented at this event.

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