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Handsome, Stylish And Rich: TOP 5 World’s High Paid Male Models!

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For a long time, modeling has been associated with ladies. However, male models that you will see in this Nexter video are handsome men that have risen to challenge this belief. With determination to succeed, they have devoted their lives to this career and have emerged among the best paid in the industry. To succeed in modeling, one must be passionate about it and also flexible to adapt to the all-time changing fashion trends. Since this is one of the highest paying jobs, participants are faced with tough competition. The top five high-paid models in the world are as follows.

In the fifth position of this group of sexy men is Noah Mills, a Canadian model aged thirty-four, who earns $740,000. You may have seen him as an actor. One of his first acting jobs was in the famous series “Sex in the City” with Kim Cattrall. He is involved in advertising popular brands such as Versace and Michael Kors.

The fourth guy in the list is the 31-year old Russian model Arthur Kulkov. Graduating in 2005 with a Business and Marketing degree, he hit the list of the highest paid male models with a salary of $905,000. He works with Barneys, Sisley, and Russell and Bromley, although most of his income comes from his Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce&Gabbana multiyear contracts.

The third position on this list is taken by Simon Nessman, who is aged twenty-four. Earning $1.1 million at his age, he falls into the category not only of hot guys but also of the richest young models. Simon works with brands such as Giorgio Armani, Aldo shoes, Versace and Calvin Klein.

The second place is for David Gandy, the British most recognized model and also one of the hottest Instagram models. He is aged thirty-three and earns 1.4 million dollars working with Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti and others.

At the top of this list is the American model Sean O’Pry aged 28. He earns 1.5 million dollars. He has received big deals with Armani, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Hugo Boss.

The video in which O’Pry took part actually belongs to the famous singer Madonna. So these fashion models, besides being drop-dead gorgeous and wealthy, are extremely lucky because they can hang around with celebrities and they can even receive money when they do it! Although they must keep fit all the time to be ready to attend a lot of photo shootings.

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